The learning environment is specially designed to meet the needs of a mixed-age group (3-5 year old). Older children establish social conscious from their roles as mentors and nurturers, while the younger ones get the opportunity to observe and model the behavior of their classmates. 

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Our curriculum offers a range of appropriate choices that meet the needs and interests of each child. What they learn is guided by individual readiness, ability and interest, not by age. Our teachers strive to offer appropriate learning activities that support children’s continuous growth.  



The youngest students learn best through guided play. Building gross and fine motor skills, social interactions and problem solving, play-based learning is key to our approach. Oral language, emergent literacy, pre-math, listening and many other skills are core to our curriculum. 

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As a cooperative school, parents are provided great insight into their child’s development. With parents in the classroom one day a month on average, they have a real hands-on involvement in their preschooler’s education, which helps connect consistent learning between home and school.

The teachers are incredibly caring and kind, while also being insightful, thoughtful and intuitive. They mix play and structure so perfectly, providing my son with a playground while also preparing him incredibly well to enter the next phase of his education.
- Lindsay G.

Jill Manchester

Jill has served as director since 2013, and began teaching at the Co-op in 2007 after her children attended. She received her degree in Psychology along with a Masters of Education from the University of Bridgeport. Before joining the Co-op, she taught kindergarten, first and third grades for 16 years.


Nicole Mitchell

Nicole has a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of North Texas and taught kindergarten in DISD for 9 years. She has been an involved parent in the Co-op since 2009, serving on the board of directors and helping at the school extensively before becoming a teacher in January 2014.  



Laura is a Dallas native, attending Texas Tech for Public Relations and English, but found her calling when she began substitute teaching after a career in professional organizing. She joined the Co-op as a parent in 2012, then served as a substitute teacher, before joining the staff in 2017. 


Join Us

We are always excited to bring new families into our fold. Contact us to schedule a visit or get more information about the school. Our registration fee is $200, and if accepted, there is a tuition deposit of $250 that will be applied to September tuition. 5-day a week tuition is $390 a month, and 2, 3 and 4-day a week options are also available. We also offer discounts for multiple children and annual pre-pay. 

Dallas Cooperative Preschool

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